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NWSL Friendly Recaps

By JJ Duke

With the first kick of the NWSL season about only a few weeks away, teams have begun their preseason friendly schedules playing a plethora of different college teams. And for one team, a trip to Japan to play three matches against professional clubs was in store. Here is a recap of all the matches played through this past weekend including video highlights from some matches: Read more

Bundesliga: Wolfsburg Requires Luck as All Top Teams Win

by Olaf Goldbecker

Finally a full matchday could be played in Germany. It looks like the league found the two relegating teams, while everything remains the same on top.

Wolfsburg required tons of luck to keep themselves in their top position. Their opponent Freiburg scored the lead after half an hour and the Wolves had major problems. “With the penalty kick and the goal we completely lost our line, we did not play a good first half”, stated Coach Ralf Kellermann. After the break the top team got stronger and tied by Martina Müller. Freiburg seemed to rescue the draw until the finish line but Conny Pohlers cared for the three points in the fourth minute of stoppage time, which annoyed SCF Coach Milorad Pilipovic: “Five minutes stoppage time were without reason. The opponent played with 14 people today”. Read more

Washington Spirit Contest Winner: Soccer Changed My Life

Our Game Magazine asked its readers to write an essay about what soccer has done for them. As a result of her awesome essay, Danielle Colson is now the proud owner of two Washington Spirit season passes. Congratulations Danielle and we hope you enjoy the season!

This giveaway was generously sponsored by @Deegley. We thank @Deegley for her long-time support of women’s soccer and Our Game Magazine. Read more

NWSL Preseason: The Finishing Pieces

by JJ Duke

Starting last week, the NWSL teams have commenced pre-season training camps. While the majority of the allocated national team players still yet to arrive to camps, teams are underway in season preparations and will be looking forward to the return of the national team players this week. Also a number of teams have added pre-season trialists to allow the managers an opportunity to find the last missing parts of the puzzle. With only one month to go until the first round of play, here is a break down of what has been happening up to this point with team rosters and some questions that need to be answered. Read more

A Player Abroad: Operation Fortuna Hjørring

by Tiffany Weimer

The second part of our season in Denmark’s 3F Ligaen starts next week. We have a long break that spans from the end of November until the end of March. For the most part, aside from the internationals that have a break for the holidays, the teams stay and train together during the “offseason”. This is a different idea than what we have seen in the US professional/semi-professional leagues. The only comparable organization to this system would be the NCAA where teams stay together most of the year. Read more

Bundesliga: And the Winter Goes On

by Olaf Goldbecker

The numbers for this weekend were 3 out of 6, which means that winter still has a hold on Germany and no complete matchday has been played yet this year.

The first game was held on Saturday and ended with a surprise when Freiburg was not able to overcome Sindelfingen in a 1-1 draw. Juliane Maier got the lead for the home team ten minutes after the break but an own goal off Caroline Abbe tied the match. Sindelfingen now is at five points – four of them were collected against Freiburg. SCF Coach Pilipovic made the result of the first game (2:3 after 2:0 lead) responsible for the result: “The girls were nervous as they desperately wanted the win. If you want something by all means it doesn’t succeed, the ease was missing”. Read more

Algarve Cup 2013: By the Numbers

2013 Algarve Cup Logo

by Brandi Ortega

The 20th edition of the Algarve Cup opens up on Wednesday, March 6, 2013. In addition to featuring top-ranked teams including the United States, Japan and current titleholders Germany, this year’s tournament also features the first International Women’s Football Seminar staged by the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF). Read more

Algarve Cup 2013 – Groups and Schedule


Group A

Group B
United States
China PR

Group C

Schedule (All times EST) 

March 6, 2013
8:10 am Japan vs. Norway
12 pm Denmark vs. Germany

9 am United States vs. Iceland
11 am Sweden vs. China PR

10 am Hungary vs. Mexico
10:30 am Portugal vs. Wales

March 8, 2013
7:15 am Germany vs. Japan
11 am Norway vs. Denmark

9 am China PR vs. United States
1 pm Iceland vs. Sweden

1 pm Mexico vs. Wales
10 am Portugal vs. Hungary

March 11, 2013
8:20 am Denmark vs. Japan
8:20 am Germany vs. Norway

11 am Sweden vs. United States
11 am China PR vs. Iceland

11:30 am Wales vs. Hungary
11:30 am Portugal vs. Mexico

March 13, 2013

Eleventh place match
C3 v C4

Ninth place match
C2 v A4/B4

Seventh place match
C1 v A4/B4

Fifth place match
A3 v B3

Third place match
A2 v B2

A1 v B1