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On the Road: Moving Foreword…

On the Road logo concept.
Work in progress: On the Road logo concept by Ruth Moore.

I would just like to take a quick second to thank the OGM staff for giving me the opportunity to write a column for the site and let me share my journey and connect with you. I would also like to prematurely thank all of you who decide to put up with me and read and support my column. It is my sincere hope that I will make your time at least somewhat worthwhile!

A quick disclaimer: This column will include an abundance of various literary quotes (I am a literature geek at heart), so please bear with me on the frequent allusions to authors far greater than myself. Also, the plan for the column is to address various topics each week (motivation, adversity, individual improvement, leadership and so on), and include personal accounts involving each topic rather than just share chronological stories of my soccer experiences.

With those pleasantries addressed, let’s begin. Read more

Linda Sällström: Comeback after Second ACL Injury

Linda Sällström (Photo: Rainer Fussgänger)
Linda Sällström (Photo: Rainer Fussgänger)

With only four games left to play, LdB FC Malmö has established a gap of four points to Tyresö FF. The Stockholm based team with American internationals Ashlyn Harris, Meghan Klingenberg, Ali Krieger and Christen Press played only 2-2 away at Umeå last week. Umeå took the lead twice after individual mistakes by first Harris and then Krieger – both times it was youngster Lina Hurtig who scored for the home side. Since Malmö took another three points winning 2-0 against Jitex with both Anja Mittag and Ramona Bachmann scoring, Malmö’s now got it in their own hands to win the Swedish championship. Read more

Pernille Harder – Player of the Week

Pernille Harder during the EURO 2013 (Photo: Mirko Kappes)
Pernille Harder during the EURO 2013 (Photo: Mirko Kappes)

With five matches to go LdB FC Malmö still leads the Damallsvenskan in Sweden, two points ahead of Tyresö FF. Both teams face strong opposition in the UEFA Women’s Champions League in October with Malmö meeting the Norwegian champions LSK Kvinner and unseeded Tyresö facing Paris with USWNT player Tobin Heath and European champion Annike Krahn of Germany among other stars. Read more

Season Starts with Surprises – Wolfsburg and Potsdam Struggle

by Olaf Goldbecker

Live game on TV, 8,249 in the stadium: triple winner VfL Wolfsburg opened the season vs. Bayern Munich on Saturday. Two new players found their way into the starting lineup at Wolfsburg, goalkeeper Almuth Schult and Sweden import Nilla Fischer, with Leonie Maier the only new player to start for Munich. The visitors were the better team and scored the lead by Katharina Baunach after a quarter hour. Wolfsburg struggled to even the match, did so by Lena Goessling in minute 69, but at the end of the day Wolfsburg was lucky to keep one point in the opener. Read more