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NCAA Tournament Elite Eight Preview

How time flies when we are having fun. It started with 64 teams two weeks ago and after 56 matches, the 2013 NCAA Tournament has been whittled down to just eight teams. And we have seen it all so far: classic 1-nil nail biters, 4-nil (and one 9-nil) shellackings, overtime winners and seven matches decided by penalty kicks. Through all that only eight teams, including all four Number One seeds, have won three straight matches and see themselves only 90 minutes away from Cary and the College Cup. Lets take a look how we got here and what to expect on Friday and Saturday.

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Your Preview Guide for the NCAA Tournament

The 2013 regular season and conference tournaments have concluded and the NCAA has whittled the competition down to 64 teams to battle it out to reach the College Cup in Cary, NC. We have seen a lot of great stories in that time: the introduction of some rising players, the return of familiar faces, a team that ran the table in the regular season but couldn’t reach the final of its conference tournament and a few underdogs that played the spoiler role.

But now its the business end of the NCAA season. And after the NCAA revealed the Road to the College Cup, here is OGM’s Preview Guide for the 2013 Division I NCAA Tournament:

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