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Rosengård will win championship, say experts – and Tyresö?

Players from all twelve clubs of Damallsvenskan in Stockholm on Tuesday
Players from all twelve clubs of Damallsvenskan in Stockholm on Tuesday

A lot has happened in Sweden during the first months of the new year. Five days before a new season of the Damallsvenskan is about to begin, it is time to summarize. On a Tuesday before a new season the Swedish Soccer Federation (SvFF) invited media, coaches and players to come to Stockholm for the annual kick-off avspark. Much, if not most of the talk in pre-season, had to do with Tyresö FF, the champions of 2012 and team of USWNT players Christen Press, Meghan Klingenberg and Whitney Engen. When the last season ended in October 2013, Ashlyn Harris and Alexandra Krieger were also members of the team that had beaten French side Paris St. Germains in the Champions League and kept the Swedes in the competition. Not only Harris and Krieger left Tyresö, but even Spanish international Jennifer Hermoso Fuentes, Norwegian super talent Caroline Graham Hansen. Defender Johanna Frisk was forced to end her career due to a knee injury.

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On the Road: Fitness is a Metaphor

On the Road logo
On the Road logo by Ruth Moore.

I once read somewhere (apologies to all my former literature teachers who would chastise me here for lack of parenthetical references) that “Solitude is a chosen separation for refining your soul. Isolation is what you crave when you neglect the first.”

I can’t say the above quote completely explains or excuses my column-writing hiatus for the past couple of months, but there is something to the notion of keeping personal refinement of one’s soul as a private and personal process that is difficult to expose to the masses (in this case, you, the readers).

The truth is, I am a brutally honest writer. That’s just my style. As Ernest Hemingway once asserted? Admitted? Lamented?: “There is nothing to writing. All you do is just sit down at a typewriter and bleed…”

Well, I do most of my writing from a half-broken laptop rather than a typewriter, but I’m usually right there with Hemingway — bleeding for what I believe needs to be said. It’s just not always that simple when the truth is difficult to expose, I guess.

With that being acknowledged, let’s get (re)started.

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