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Nicknamed “houseblend” based on Our Game Magazine being run on coffee, this section features staff-written columns. Get to know the Our Game team! For full bios, please see our Staff page.

Tiffany Weimer
Since Tiffany is currently playing abroad in Denmark (and has also played in Brazil, Finland and Sweden). Her focus will be on North Americans playing on different continents. She has experienced first hand how difficult it is for people to follow players in foreign countries with time zone differences, websites in foreign languages and a lack of coverage in general in some countries, so it’s her goal to make it easier for fans, families, friends of players abroad to find info on their players of interest. She’ll also share some of her experiences as a professional player in Europe. Read sign-in

Catch up with Tiffany on twitter at @tiffanyweimer or

Ryan Wood
Throughout the year, and particularly during the winter and summer transfer seasons, Ryan will write on international signings, transfers, and loans. The goal is to keep fans up to date with the latest player news from around the globe. Players are constantly on the move, and Ryan will track their progress from North America to the Far East. Read sign-in

Catch up with Ryan on twitter at @writerwood.

Ciara McCormack
Ciara will be focusing her efforts primarily on the international game. As someone who originally hails from Canada, attended college in the US, played for Ireland, spent time training in Australia and South America, and went on to play pro in Denmark and Norway with players from across the globe, we will count on Ciara to provide us with insight and updates from women’s soccer around the world. Read sign-in

Catch up with Ciara on twitter at @ciaramccormack.

Ruth Moore
Ruth’s column will include two rather disparate foci: youth national team/college soccer, and Our Game Magazine design/production insight. With regards to soccer, it will cover the U-17, U-20 and U-23 teams from a primarily US angle, as well as NCAA Division I. From an OGM angle, it will give outsiders a glimpse of Our Game’s inner workings and growth as a women’s soccer media outlet. Read sign-in

Catch up with Ruth on twitter at @Redshirt_RM.

JJ Duke
JJ will be following the leagues in the US, primarily focusing on the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) but also including some insight on the USL W-League and the WPSL. For the NWSL, JJ will be covering current topics in the league, player adaptation and how the progress of this new entity is coming along. And after spending the summer of 2012 covering the USL W-League and WPSL-Elite, these two leagues will still be in focus, especially now as these leagues are proving grounds for young, up-and-coming players before their college season, as well as players who are trying to get to the next level. Read sign-in

Catch up with JJ on twitter at @JJDuke21.

Brandi Ortega
Brandi will focus on soccer’s impact off the field, including complex and far-reaching topics such as the economic, cultural and societal influences soccer can have on communities. Given her fascination with shiny, high tech gadgetry, don’t be surprised if Brandi veers off into technological tangents — or tangents in general. Read sign-in

Catch up with Brandi on twitter at @brandiortega.