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OGM Chat: NCAA and September Issues


We are excited to announce the date and time for our next OGM Chat. With two issues having been released in a matter of two months, we thought it best to include both for the upcoming chat.  The NCAA issue speaks for itself in a lot of ways, but it will be interesting to discuss our initial Top 25 and the current Top 25, as well as the player perspective pieces that were included for the first time this year.  As for the September issue, we’ve decided to open up discussion on the entire issue, instead of specific articles. This way we can focus a little more on the NCAA issue and allow for a more general overview of themes and any connections readers may have made.

Location: Twitter – @OurGameLive
Time: 8pm ET
DATE: Wednesday, October 23
WHO: Everyone and anyone
1. What school’s perspective article surprised you the most? Or intrigued you the most?
2. Who do you have winning the NCAA Tournament this year? Or what team has been most impressive?
3. Which players have stood out so far this season? Any surprises?
4. Open discussion about the September issue

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